Thursday, December 04, 2008

Its all about money

According to the newspapers, the Twins have offered Casey Blake a two year contract with an option for a third, but he wants three years. Apparently the Dodgers are also in the mix with a two year contract offer. Blake is 35 and you have to be a bit skeptical whether he will be worth $6 million in three years. But that isn't really what the discussion is about. Its about money. Two years at $6 million means a $12 million contract, 3 years makes it $18 million. Its likely that they will end up splitting the difference with the team that comes up with the largest amount of money.

The reality is that his is true of a lot of contracts. While they are paid yearly, the total commitment of dollars is where the real negotiations are. If  Blake is a regular for three years and produces the way he has recently then $18 million is a pretty good deal. But if he turns into a spare part in the next year or two, $18 million is too much.  On the other hand, $12 million for two years with an additional $3 million if they decide to buy him out would make him expensive at two years, but a good investment if he lasts three.

Blake fits the Twins well. He is another right handed bat with some pop that will settle nicely into the seventh spot in the order. He gives them a guy who can play first base and give Morneau a day off. He is the kind of addition that could make the difference between just contending and making the playoffs. That is worth $15 million, it may even be worth $18.

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