Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anyone Notice the Twins Offense?

The collapse of the Twins starters has obscured the fact that the Twins offense is in overdrive. They scored 6 runs in last night's game and that is about average for the month of August.  They have now scored 103 runs in 17 games this month. That is almost a full run higher than their season average. For the season, the Twins lead the Central Division in scoring, just ahead of the Cleveland Indians. Which makes even clearer that the real struggles of this team are caused by pitching failures, in case anyone doubted it.  But if the pitching can get on track, the Twins offense may still be able to carry the team into the playoffs.

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Nick N. said...

Never would have thought this to be the case entering the season. Unfortunately, the pitching getting back on track seems like a hoop dream with three of their starters on the shelf (indefinitely?) and nearly half the staff comprised of mediocre Triple-A arms.

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