Thursday, October 01, 2009

Its NOT Cheating

There are some people who are accusing Joe Mauer of "cheating" by stealing signs and signaling the information to Twins batter. But there is no rule against stealing signs. (There was recent direction from Sandy Alderson that using electronic devices to get an advantage of any kind is prohibited. That rules out a clubhouse guy sitting in the stands and radioing signs to the dugout, which it is rumored to have happened during the Twins 1987 season.) Players and coaches are supposed to try to steal signs - that is why signs are used in the first place. If the catcher had caught on to what Mauer was doing by stealing HIS signs to the batter, he would have used that information to cross up the hitter with an unexpected pitch If there is a runner on second and the catcher is not switching his signs, he deservers to have them stolen.. Its all part of the game.

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