Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Projected Rochester Roster

The Twins may not be adding any six-year free agents this year. That is hard to believe, but those deals have usually gotten done by now and the Twins have a lot of their own organization players who need spots to play. So where does that leave Rochester if they don't add any veterans to fill out the roster? Obviously some of those decisions will depend on who wins jobs at the major league level. The other issue, aside from the players themselves, is moving up to New Britain from Fort Myers. This assumes that Morales and Pridie are on the major league roster. It also assumes Tolbert, Harris and Casilla are either on the roster or elsewhere if the Twins add another infielder.

Butera/ Lehman
Ramos could by move up to Rochester, but I think they will want both he and Butera to play regularly. Lehman is an organization guy.

First Base
Erik Lis and Whitney Robbins will move up from New Britain, in part because Parmelee and Leveret are both ready to move up to New Britain.

Second Base

Trevor Plouffe

Third Base
Danny Valencia


Macri (ss, 2b, 3b)
Hughes (3b, of, dh)
Portes (of,3b)

The pitching staff will likely be decided by playing musical chairs in spring training. The losers of that competition at the major league level will fill out the roster in Rochester. This assumes that Liriano is the fifth starter and that Nesheck, Keppel and/or Perkins take the last two spots in the bullpen.




writerjoel said...

Ramos will start at AAA with Butera as backup.

Macri is long gone.

If the Twins sign minor league free agents, it will be a bench/bopper/1B guy who COULD comeup in a pinch. Also, picture that Quinlan might get the major/minors contract. The Twins will probably sign 2-3 pitchers, if nothing else to bring to spring training (they could still use another lefty in the bullpen).

The Twins do like to hold guys at New Brit, at the competition in the eastern elague is almost the same as AAA Rochester.

But Rochester has been belly-aching the apst two seasons about the team on the field.

See if that DOES change after last years influx of minor league free agents that didn't work out.

TT said...

Where did Macri go? He cleared waivers and was assigned to Rochester in August. He isn't a minor league free agent. Did the Twins release him after the season?

Ramos may get to Rochester, but he is young and only played half a season at New Britain last year. My guess is they will start him back there. They won't want to move Butera to a backup position just yet, unless its in the major leagues.

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