Sunday, January 31, 2010


According to this article in the STRIB the Twins have some doubts about Crede. A lot of people, including me, have expected the Twins to look at Crede as an alternative to Harris at third base. But, on consideration, the addition Jim Thome makes that a lot less likely. The Twins are rightly concerned about Crede's inability last year to stay in the lineup. These were aches and pains of age and minor injuries, in addition to the time he spent on the disabled list. With only one backup infielder, if Crede is unavailable you can't use Thome to pinch hit for any of the infielders including the backup. Unlike last year,  the Twins don't have the flexibility to adjust to a part time player if Crede again is plagued by minor injuries. Given that, its not surprising they are backing away from him as an option.

The story also reports Liriano feels ready to go. It makes the point, however, that past velocity reports out of the Dominican about Liriano have been exaggerated. Obviously if Liriano is back to his form of few years ago the Twins are much better team both during the season and for the playoffs. The excitement, and optimism, of spring training's approach is starting to grow.

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