Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Twins aren't Sellers

The Twins are 8 losses behind Detroit and there are some people who think they should throw in the towel. The deadline for trading players without passing them through waivers is this Sunday. The idea would be for the Twins to try to ship off some of their veteran players for young prospects who might be able to help in the future.

Given their record over the last month, I don't think the Twins are in sell mode. Any trades they make over the next week ought to be looking to strengthen the team for the stretch run. They have been winning without Span and Morneau With both of them back in the lineup in September the Twins should be able to take a hard run at whoever is in first place if they can get even a couple games closer before then.

The central need for the Twins is the same as most other contenders. They need pitching. Making deals for a couple relievers would go a long way toward eliminating their major weakness.

I don't think they should give up top prospects for rental players. But while they may not want to go "all in", the Twins should still be in. Its not time to throw in the towel and starting to look to future seasons.

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