Friday, September 23, 2011

Twins Injuries are Historically Unprecedented

Since 1960, two teams have gone through a full season with less than 5 players appearing in 100 games. The 2002 Detroit Tigers and the 1983 Seattle Mariners each had only four players who appeared in 100 or more games. Currently the Twins have two , Michael Cuddyer and Danny Valencia. (*correction: Ben Revere is also over 100) If Jason Kubel manages to get a pinch hit appearance he will also hit the 100 mark.

The last team to have two or fewer players reach the 100 game mark was the 1906 Saint Louis Cardinals. Pug Bennet, a 32 year old rookie, played in 153 games for that team as it finished seventh with 98 losses. That was the only team to do it in the 20th century.

So when Ron Gardenhire says he has never seen anything like this in terms of injuries, neither has anyone else. Its not really surprising the Twins have struggled with only the 6th and 8th batter in opening day lineup playing on a regular basis.

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