Friday, November 18, 2011

The "37 Player" Twins Roster

The Twins announced they were adding three players to the major league roster. Carlos Guttierez, Oswaldo Arcia and Tyler Robertson. They also removed David Bromberg.

Guttierez was a 2008 first round choice with a good sinking fastball. They tried to turn him into a starter, but he is now projected as a reliever. He is probably a set up guy but has a shot at being a closer.

Oswaldo Arcia is a guy who hit very well at Elizabethton last year. This year he was sent to Beloit and dominated before he got hurt. When he recovered they left him at Fort Myers where he continued to thrive. They obviously think a lot of him if they are afraid a team could carry him on a major league roster all year.

Tyler Robertson is a left hander who pitched well at New Britain. He is likely at the point where he will get a shot at a bullpen spot this spring.

Bromberg was hurt last year and really struggled at AA after being solid there the year before. He passed through waivers, so he will remain in the organization.

That puts the Twins roster at 37 players by my count. They still need a closer, a right fielder and a frontline starter. One or more of those positions could be filled in trade that doesn't require an extra roster spot. So they could consider a rule 5 pick if someone they like turns up.

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