Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creating a story, BS on Mauer and Mijares from the STRIB

Lets see:

Fielder hits a double on a fastball.

Gardenhire criticizes the pitch selection in a key at bat. He thinks Mijares should have been using his slider.

Smart reporter sees his chance and asks Mijares why he was throwing fastballs. Mijares, who could have shaken off the pitch but is smart enough to throw what Mauer calls,  says he doesn't know why the catcher called only for fastballs but maybe its because his slider wasn't working very well the last time out.

Smart reporter then asks Mauer about Mijares comments. Mauer points out that, while he called for a fastball, the one he got was in a different location. He seems to think the problem wasn't with the fastball call , but with its location. 

This is portrayed as a problem between Mijares and Mauer. 

Of course the only one really criticizing Mauer (and Mijares) was Gardenhire. And Gardenhire has never called a game in his life, he is just going with his cursory knowledge of the subject. Mauer, by contrast, had reasons for calling a fastball and Mijares just failed to get execute the pitch he wanted. Its like saying the guy took a called third strike,  he should have been swinging.   Of course, that isn't a particularly interesting story. But we will be hearing this ridiculous excuse for reporting repeated over and over again in the blogsphere for the next five years. 

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