Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reading Tea Leaves at Fort Myers

Several bloggers have suggested the fact that Oswaldo Acia was promoted from low-A ball Beloit to high-A ball Fort Myers is an indication he is on some kind of fast track. Acia started the year at Beloit and did very well at the plate but was unable to play the field as a result of problems with this elbow. They finally decided he needed surgery.  He has now recovered, but instead of sending him back to Beloit, they decided to keep him at Fort Myers. And I use "keep" here because, like all Twins players, Arcia was doing his recovery and rehab at the Twins spring training facility in Fort Myers which is also home to the Fort Myers A- ball team in the Florida State League. 

While its possible Acia is on the fast track. Its also possible they want him to be playing where the team's rehab staff and trainers can better keep an eye on him. If he ends up back at Beloit at some point, we shouldn't see that as a step back.

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