Monday, April 02, 2012

Are Ryan and Gardenhire on the Same Page?

According to Gardenhire, Plouffe is a "super-utility" player who will backup at second and shortstop in addition to playing the outfield. According to Rhett Bollinger at "I told him super-utility everywhere," Gardenhire said. "Shortstop, second, everywhere." Two weeks ago, Bollinger reported "GM Terry Ryan says that Trevor Plouffe will remain in OF and will only be used at SS in emergency situations." Ryan has been repeatedly saying Plouffe was moving to the outfield, yet it appears he has at least one and maybe two guys ahead of him for playing time with Doumit playing a corner outfield spot and Revere as the fourth outfielder.

This isn't the only example. During the off-season we heard about the Twins wanting more speed in their offense and getting back to the basics on defense. But the batting order now is loaded with station-to-station hitters from Mauer through Parmelee. Casilla, Span and Carroll are the only players in the everyday lineup with above average speed. And, as I have mentioned before, the defense is questionable almost everywhere with the exception of Span in center field and catcher when Mauer is behind the plate. Casilla is really the only other player with the tools to be an above average defender and he has been an inconsistent defender.

Then there is the discussion of Dozier where Gardy says he is ready, and Ryan clearly doesn't think he is. That may be just nuance, but it sounds like more than that. I don't remember hearing this kind of disjunction before between what was coming out of the GM office and the manager. I wonder if the two of them are headed for some conflicts. Smith, no doubt, had to defer to Gardy's judgment about players. Ryan doesn't. That may take some getting used to.

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