Monday, April 02, 2012

Twins Projected Opening Day Lineup

Here is my projected Twins opening day lineup:

Span - 8
Carroll - 6
Mauer - 2
Morneau - DH
Willingham - 7
Doumit - 9
Valencia - 5
Parmelee - 3
Casilla - 4

Pavano - 1

Its definitely a hitters lineup. Although Mauer and Morneau are the only real standouts, there aren't any really weak bats in the bunch either. Defensively, Mauer, Casilla and Span are the only ones who are going to add much. The rest are barely adequate to mediocre defensively, with Doumit the weakest link. This is not a team that is going to save its pitchers a lot with its defense.

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