Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Competition Update after Monday's Game

Infield Competition
In the infield competition, Olmedo got a start at shortstop and went 1-2 He also reportedly made a nice play in the field.  Escobar replaced him and went 0-1. Dozier was at second and went 1-2 while driving in a run. Carroll (1-3) started at third with Sobolewski (0-1) replacing him.

Outfield Competition
Benson got his first start in center field and went 0-3 with a strikeout. Mastroianni replaced him and went 0-1. Ramirez went 1-2 as the starter in right field and Boggs went 1-1 in left after replacing Winningham.

Pop off the Bench
Colabello went 1-2 and drove in the winning run. Clement went 0-1. Both came in as reserves.

Worley was the only pitcher to go more than one inning. DeVries pitched late in the game, after Deduno and Vasquez and before Hernandez. They all gave up at least one hit and Vasquez gave up a home run.

Burnett, Fien and Augustine each pitched an inning and gave up 2 hits and a run.


Olmedo's start at shortstop may move him up as a candidate for the utility infielder spot. Dozier helped himself by getting a key hit. Ramirez and Boggs both are trying to make their case as extra outfielders. Colabello continued to hit and is ahead of Clement for a bench bat spot, if one exists.

In the bullpen competition, Augustine may not get many more chances and he didn't take this one. Burnett and Fien didn't shine either, but both will likely be around until the end of spring training with a lot more opportunities. The late, one inning, appearance by DeVries may indicate the Twins don't think he is a serious candidate for a rotation spot. That was likely already true of Vasquez and Hernandez.

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