Monday, February 25, 2013

Competition Update - Sunday 2/24/2013 Game Results

Infield Competition
In the infield competition, Carroll started at second and Florimon at shortstop. Olmedo started at third base and went 0-2. Beresford replaced Olmedo at third base and Santana replaced Florimon at shortstop.

Outfield Competition
Hicks started in center field and leading off. He went 0-3. Boggs replaced him and hit a three run home run in three at bats.  Parmelee went 1-2 in right field. Thomas, in competition as an extra outfielder, went 0-3 after replacing Parmelee in right. Mastroianni came into the game as a PR, stole a base and scored.

Pop off the Bench
Colabello replaced Morneau at first and went 2-2, with 2 singles and an RBI. Clement started at DH and went 0-1, with a walk and a strikeout for the second straight day. Ramirez went 0-3 with an RBI after replacing Willingham.

Florimon helped his case for shortstop by showing he could get on base. Olmedo didn't do much with his chance. Hicks 0-3 day didn't add any reassurance that he is ready to hit major league pitching.  Boggs helped himself a little as an extra outfielder, while Thomas and Ramirez didn't do anything to help their chances. None of the guys competing for spots as "pop off the bench" helped themselves.

There was also an intersquad game where almost every player not in the game yesterday played on one of the two teams. They used two DH's in each team to get everyone at bats. I am not going to try to evaluate the meaning of those.

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