Thursday, February 14, 2013

Predicted Opening Day Lineup and Roster

We all know there are a bunch of decisions for the Twin to make this spring and lots of people in camp to provide options. But I think it is useful to guess what the opening day lineup and roster will look like even though a lot will change by the start of the season.

Opening Day Lineup:

Hicks - CF
Carroll - 2B
Mauer - C
Willingham - LF
Morneau - 1B
Doumit - DH
Parmlee - RF
Plouffe - 3B
Florimon - SS
Worley - SP

Rotation:  Worley, Diamond, Pelfrey, Correia, De Vries

  Bullpen:   Perkins, Burton, Duensing, Burnett, Fien ,Wood, Robertson
  Fielders:  Mastroianni, Butera, Escobar, Sobolewski
  DL:         Swarzak

What the exercise shows is there are five spots which are very wide open. De Vries,  Robertson, Wood, Escobar and Sobolewksi are in many ways all longshots to make the opening day roster. There are several other players who could be on the roster in place of any of them. In addition, Florimon and Hicks have competition, albeit more focused, for their jobs.

It will be interesting to follow all the competition this spring. If you have your own projection put it in the comments below, but please make it clear whether its a projection of what the Twins WILL do or what you think they SHOULD do. The above is my prediction of what they will do.


Jim H said...

I am not so smart that I know what the Twins should do. I don't really know what they will do either. But I do have a few quibbles with your projected opening day lineup.

I am pretty sure that Twins would like Hicks to show that he is ready for the majors. I doubt that he really is. I don't know how the center field job will play out this spring, but I think Hicks starts at AAA. I think Dozier is probably the best middle infielder the Twins have right now. If he can settle himself down, I expect he starts, somewhere.

The Twins seem to really like Florimon, so maybe that is the starting infield, Florimon and Dozier. I rather expect Hendriks to start, partly because I doubt both Pelfry and Diamond will be ready. I also think Hendriks is going to be better than DeVries and I think Deduno will have to wait for a chance to start, unless he somehow starts throwing strikes.

I have no idea how the bullpen plays out, there is more competition for the open spots than any other "open" spots on the roster. Someone could surprise there.

TT said...

Jim -

I am not that smart either. Nor am I clairvoyant.

So you think Dozier is better than Jamie Carroll? I hope that turns out to be true, but he certainly didn't show that last year.

On Hicks, I don't necessarily disagree but am hoping he is ready.

I think Hendricks is lower in the pecking order than you do. But DeVries may be lower. I put him there because I he did well in his audition last year and unless someone clearly beats him out I think he is going to be the default choice.

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