Saturday, March 02, 2013

Competition Update after Friday's game

Infield Competition
Florimon started at shortstop and got a 2 run double. Sobolewski replaced Plouffe and drove in a run.

Outfield Competition
Hicks played the entire game in center field, going 1-4 with a run and an RBI. Boggs and Thomas shared right field and neither one got a hit. In left it was Ramirez and Dinkelman. Ramirez went 1-3 and scored a run, while striking out twice. Dinkelman was 0-1 with a walk.

Pop off the Bench
Clement started at DH and went 1-4, with a walk. Colabello went 2-2 and drove in a run as Morneau's replacement at first base.

Worley pitched two innings. None of the other starting candidates pitched.

The relievers all pitched one inning each. Roenicke gave up 3 hits and a run in his inning. Pressly gave up a hit. Wood got a strikeout. Robertson got 2 strikeouts. Hernandez struck out one and walked one. Tonkin pitched a perfect inning. Perdomo gave up two hits, one of them a two run homer.

Terry Ryan has said he doesn't even look at box scores or stats when evaluating players in spring training. But as fans those,  and reports from sports writers, are about all we have to go on.

That said, Pressly continues to get good results and Roenicke got hit again. Wood pitched well. Those are the guys who were in the game against Miami's starters.  Robertson had his best outing so far, but faced the bottom of the order and only one right-handed hitter. Hernandez and Tonkin both pitched well, while Perdomo struggled against the substitutes.

Hicks continues to do well in center field. Benson is playing there today and we will see if he plays the entire game as well. The competition for 4th and, possibly, 5th outfielder didn't change much with yesterday's performances.

Colabello continues to hit. He will leave for the World Baseball Classic this weekend.  It will be interesting to see whether he is back in camp after that.  But he has certainly not hurt himself with his performance so far. The other pure bat off the bench, Clement, should now have a lot of chances relieving Parmelee at first base with both Morneau and Colabello gone to the WBC. It will be interesting to see what he does with them.

Nothing much happened in the infield competition. Florimon got a hit. Dozier and Escobar didn't play. Carroll continues to look like the class of the field with the bat, but whether he has a regular position or is a heavily used utility guy will depend on the play of the young players.

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