Monday, March 11, 2013

Roster Update

We are moving into the last three weeks of spring training and the Twins have sent a number of players over to the minor league camp. None of those players were ever really serious contenders for spots on the opening day roster. Some were young prospects with a big futures and a few were AAA depth invited to camp to be evaluated for their skills as backups if needed at the major league level.


Alex Myer - Myer impressed everyone, as expected. He arrived in trade for Denard Span. He throws hard and has decent control and is seen as a potential future ace. He hasn't pitched above A ball.

Trevor May - May is another guy the Twins acquired in the off-season. He was part of the Ben Revere trade. May also pitched well. He pitched at AA last year and will likely start there again.

Michael Tonkin - Tonkin has been a hard throwing reliever in the Twins system for a while. He was added to the roster last fall. He hasn't pitched above A-ball.

Brett Hermsen - Hermsen was the Twins minor league pitcher of the year last year at AA New Britain. He got hit hard this spring.

Danny Santana - Is a very talented shortstop who has not played above A ball. He was added to the roster last fall.

Chris Herrmann - Herrmann is a catcher/outfielder who had a brief call-up from AA last fall as a backup when injuries hit the catching staff. He caught in the AFL last fall. His catching skills are still raw, but his bat is a lot closer to ready.

Josmil Pinto - Pinto is another catcher who was added to the roster last fall. He is two years younger than Herrmann and reached AA last year for about 50 at bats. He looks like a solid prospect both at and behind the plate.

Lester Oliveros - Oliveros is hurt and unlikely to pitch until August. He came to the Twin last summer in trade for Delmon Young.

AAA Backups -

Esmerling Vasquez - Vasquez pitched for the Twins last fall. He was signed to pitch at AAA and it didn't do anything in spring training to change that plan.

Nick Blackburn - Blackburn is injured and unlikely to pitch until May.

Bryan Augenstein - Augenstein signed as a free agent during the off-season. He  pitched only one game this spring before coming down injured.

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