Friday, March 22, 2013

Competition Update for Last Two Roster Spots

I covered the competition for the last two roster spots in an  earlier post. Here is an update of that competition assuming Hicks, Florimon and Dozier win starting jobs. Which of these players makes the roster probably depends more on which positions the Twins decide to fill, rather than the differences between players in different categories.

Third Catcher

Second Utility Infielder

Fifth Outfielder


Extra Bat

Clement was drafted in the first round as a catcher and played there in the minor leagues until his knees gave out. He apparently is still capable of catching if needed in an emergency. Likewise, Escobar has been working out a bit behind the plate, although he had no experience catching at any level. But neither one is competing for the third catcher position, they are strictly emergency replacements if there was an injury.

Escobar may still be in the competition for a starting infield position, but its looking increasingly like Dozier and Florimon have locked those down. 

Boggs can play all three outfield spots, which may be a slight advantage over Ramirez who is really limited to the corners. I think Ramirez' bat  probably has a slight advantage over Boggs'.

Clements only real role is as a bat off the bench,  although he can also back up Morneau at first.  His bat probably needs to be a clearly better option than Ramirez' or Boggs' to have much chance.  Its also possible the Twins will go outside the organization to find a bat off the bench.

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