Friday, March 01, 2013

Competition Update After Thursday's Game

Infield Competition
Escobar started at shortstop and went 0-3 with an RBI. Dozier started at second and went 0-1 with two walks and a run. Olmedo went 0-1 backing up Plouffe at third.

Outfield Competition
Mastroianni started in center and went 2-3, scoring a run. Thomas replaced him and went 1-2 with a run and one strikeout. Dinkelman went 1-1 as Parmelee's backup. Herrmann went 0-1 as Willingham's backup in left.

Pop off the Bench
Clement went 0-1 backing up Morneau.

Hendriks went 3 innings and gave up four hits but no runs and got two strike outs. DeVries struck out 2 in one inning.
Burnett went an inning, giving up 2 hits. Fien pitched one perfect inning. Slama gave up a hit and a walk in an inning. Guerra also gave up a hit and a walk that resulted in a walk.


Burnett had his second rough outing. Fien looks like he is picking up where he left off last year. A good sign. Hendriks is again showing well in spring training. This is DeVries second one inning appearance so it is looking like he is being set up for the bullpen rather than the rotation. Mastroianni had a good day, although he pulled hamstring.

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