Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bullpen Competition Update

I wasn't going to do an update until after today's game but the Twins have made several moves related to the bullpen. Doyle, not surprisingly, was sent back to the White Sox. And this morning Dumatrait and Deduno were sent to minor league camp.

Wednesday's game had four relief appearances. Maloney, Gray, Deduno and Fein. Deduno was the only one to give up a run. Maloney went two innings and gave up a hit and a walk while striking out three. Gray pitched a 1-2-3 inning without a ball leaving the infield. Fein faced three batters, giving up a ground ball single and then erasing the runner on a double play.

Hendriks started the game and went four innings. It looks like the Twins are counting on him as the backup plan if Baker can't pitch to start the season.

We haven't seen Wise for a while, but I haven't seen that he was sent to the minors so he is still on the list.

UPDATE: After Thursday March 22nd Game

Capps, Perkins and Duensing pitched. Perkins struggled, but I don't think this game changed anything. Wise pitched the last two innings and gave up a walk and two run homer. I'm not sure that eliminates him from competition but he remains at the bottom of the list.

Here are the rankings the morning of Thursday March 22. They are divided into 4 groups in order of likelihood they will make the roster:





Previous rankings:
Rankings 3
Rankings 2
Rankings 1

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