Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Those Other Non-roster Guys

There are several non-roster players still in spring training who appear unlikely to win jobs. Who are they and why are they still around?


Danny Lehman

Lehman is an organization guy. He may be around until the start of the season as a reward for his time in the organization. He is there because the Twins have a lot of pitchers and need people to catch them. His role is as minor league catcher, likely at AA if the Twins keep Towles and Rivere.


Brian Dinkelman,

Dinkelman is primarily an outfielder, but can also play a little second base. Its that flexibility that makes him a good bench guy. That got him at bats last year when the Twins were plagued by injuries. He was drafted by the Twins. His role this year is as depth at AAA.

Matt Carson

He was signed as a minor league free agent after spending time in several other organizations. He got some major league time with Oakland in 2009 and 2010. Like Dinkelman, he is depth at AAA.

Unlike Lehman, Dinkelman and Carson are likely auditioning for playing time if someone gets hurt. I suspect if they have an everyday position available Benson or Tosoni will get a callup ahead of them. But if they need someone to be a bat off the bench and occasionally spell a regular, Dinkelman or Carson would get the call. Dinkelman's ability to play second could play a role here as well if Hughes gets hurt or takes a regular spot for someone who is.

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