Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday March 28th Update On Twins Bullpen Competition

Swarzak, Gray and Burton helped themselves with good outings today. Swarzak started and gave up three walks, including the last two batters he faced after getting 3.2 innings. Gray and Burton both followed with hitless/walkless performances, Gray going 2.1 innings and Burton 1. After the game Gardenhire apparently confirmed that Swarzak would be on the roster.

Gray got moved up in the rankings based on his performance today into the lead for the 7th spot, assuming Burton and Maloney make the roster. As I said yesterday, I am not sure you can read even that much into results. But Gray is on the roster and out of options, I believe, so he probably has a slight advantage anyway if everything else is equal.

There was also some talk from the beat writers that the Twins might keep another bullpen arm if they put Baker and/or Plouffe on the DL to start the year. That would allow them to delay a final decision for a couple weeks.

Here are the new rankings.





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