Sunday, March 04, 2012

Past Decade in AL with New Baseball Playoff System

I thought it would be interesting to look at who would have been in the playoffs the last decade if they had been held under the new playoff system. Here is a list of the division champions and the playoff with the actual wildcard team listed first:

2011: Yankees Tigers Rangers
Playoff: Rays vs. Red Sox

2010: Rays Twins Rangers
Playoff: Yankees vs Red Sox

2009: Yankess Twins Angels
Playoff: Red Sox vs Rangers

2008: Rays White Sox Angels
Playoff: Red Sox vs Yankees

2007: Red Sox Indians Angels
Playoff: Yankees vs (Tigers/Mariners)

2006: Yankees Twins Athletics
Playoff: Tigers vs White Sox

2005: Yankees White Sox Angels
Playoff: Red sox vs Indians

2004: Yankees Twins Angels
Playoff: Red Sox vs Athletics

2003: Yankees Twins Athletics
Playoff: Red Sox vs. Mariners

2002: Yankees Twins Athletics
Playoff: Angels vs (Red Sox/Mariners)

So here are the teams that would have benefited:
Mariners: 3 times
Red Sox: 3 times
Rangers, Yankees, Tigers, Indians, White Sox, Athletics: 1 time

No benefit:
Twins, Royals, Orioles, Blue Jays, Rays, Angels

This assumes there is a playoff if final two wild card teams have the same record.

Another potential interesting wrinkle would be 2008 and 2009 when the Twins were in playoffs for the division championship with the White Sox and Tigers. In both cases, the losing team was one game behind the second wildcard team.

But suppose they had been tied. Normally, playoff games between division winners have been considered regular season games. If that remains the case, then the extra loss by the loser of the division playoff will drop their record by a half game for purposes of choosing wild card winners. Essentially the team that tied the other two will get preference for the wild card spot over the team that tied for the division and lost the playoff game.

It will get even more complicated if teams have postponed games to play. That could create a chain of games that would force a delay to the playoffs.

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