Sunday, March 25, 2012

Revere to Minors?

The beat writers are reporting Ron Gardenhire has decided Willingham will play left field. That leaves right field open with three apparent candidates, Plouffe, Revere and Parmelee. It sounds like Parmelee has played himself on to the roster and Revere may have played his way off. Parmelee impressed with his performance last fall and that has carried over into spring training. He is primarily considered a first baseman, but has also played the outfield in the minor leagues on a semi-regular basis.

The problem the Twins are faced with is several young players who may be ready to contribute at the major league level, but no place for them to play every day. Brian Dozier, at least until his recent slump, was one of those. Parmelee is another. Its possible Revere has now moved behind Parmelee and no longer has a full time position. The Twins generally don't like to have young players sit on the major league bench. If they can't win a regular spot, they get sent to AAA to play every day.

The roster situation is made more complicated by Justin Morneau's status. If he plays first base, then there isn't much room for Parmelee there. On the other hand, if they decide Morneau is primarily limited to DH whether by choice or necessity, they need someone to play first base on a regular basis rather than temporary stop gaps like Doumit, Hughes or Plouffe.

If Parmelee is at first, then Revere can play on a semi-regular basis mixed among all three outfield positions. But if Parmelee isn't at first, its likely he is going to share right field with the right-handed hitting Trevor Plouffe. That leaves Revere as the odd man out.

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Jim H said...

It is possible that if Morneau plays regularly at first, it could open more time for Revere. I could see Willingham getting a lot of time at DH. The Twins are a lot more flexible this year. Still the Twins could move Revere to AAA for awhile too. I doubt if they have decided anything for sure yet.

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