Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bullpen Update - Tuesday March 27th

Wise, as expected, was sent to the minor league camp. Aside from that, there wasn't much that happened today to change the outlook for the bullpen.

With Liam Hendrick putting in 5 innings in relief of Scott Baker, Jeff Manship and Casey Fien were the only bullpen candidates who pitched in the regular game. Both got nicked a bit, but I doubt it was fatal for either one. I don't think either one helped themselves much either based on their results. Fien gave up one run on two doubles in one inning. Manship pitched 1 and 1/3 innings and gave up a hit and a walk.

UPDATE: Apparently Manship's performance was fatal. He was optioned to AAA Tuesday morning.

Based on that, Fien dropped a notch below Gray. Manship dropped behind Waldrop and Burnett mostly because he had an opportunity and didn't completely ace it. The truth is there is very little separating the five guys in the third group and results are probably only a very rough measure of how well they are doing.

Here is my updated rankings after Monday's game in four groups in order of how likely they are to fill out the bullpen:



Manship - update: optioned to AAA


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