Sunday, March 03, 2013

Predicted Opening Day Roster - March 3rd

I created a predicted roster for the Twins as spring training was opening. We now have a couple weeks of games behind us, as well as new information from spring training camp. I have been doing daily updates of the competition, but I thought it would be interesting to see how things look right now.

To be clear, this is a prediction that will almost certainly change, although my opening day lineup hasn't changed at all since last time.

Opening Day Lineup:

Hicks - CF
Carroll - 2B
Mauer - C
Willingham - LF
Morneau - 1B
Doumit - DH
Parmlee - RF
Plouffe - 3B
Florimon - SS
Worley - SP

Rotation: Worley, Diamond, Pelfrey, Correia, Gibson


Bullpen: Perkins, Burton, Duensing, Burnett, Fien, Pressly, Wood
Fielders: Mastroianni, Escobar, Dozier, Butera

DL: Swarzak

On the edge: Hendricks, Benson, Roenicke, Robertson, Thielbar, Boggs

The biggest change is Gibson as the 5th starter.  DeVries, who I had as the 5th starter, is getting his first start this coming week. But I think Hendricks and Gibson will have to show they aren't ready for him to be considered.

Pressly replaced Robertson in the bullpen. Dozier replaced Sobolewski on the bench.


Jim H said...

I doubt if you are far off on the eventual roster. I expect that if Dozier makes the 25 man roster, he will be at least the nominal starter. Chances are Carroll will play as much as Florimon or Dozier but Carroll will be the backup, to start the year.

The bench is still pretty iffy yet. Butera and Escobar might both make the roster, but somehow I doubt it. One of them will probably be replaced by a bat. I don't know who, which is part of the problem. I suppose it could be Clement or Colabello but it seems more likely to be Rameriez or Boggs. I kind of doubt it will be Benson though he could still start the year as the starting CF.

Your starting rotation depends on health, but it looks about right. I think how the Twins decide to handle Gibson is still up in the air. It sounds like he is healthy, but it could awhile before he regains his form. I think Thielbar has helped himself this spring. Not just his on field performances but the fact that he getting those chances indicate he is impressing someone. The back half of the bullpen is probably pretty fluid at this point. Harden or Perez could sneak in there. There are the guys who are out of options, the Twins may not want to risk losing most of them.

Anonymous said...

Based on Roenicke's stellar stats in Colorado and the amount of innings he ate up last year, I don't see how he doesn't make the team. Aside from Alex Meyer, I thought he was the Twins best piece of business this off-season.

TT said...

I may have underestimated Roenicke. He has really only had one bad outing all spring. And, you are right, he was pretty solid last year in Colorado.

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